Our Vision

Who we are: Our Name
The # 1 thing people need today is perspective. Most of us see our lives through the lens of our surroundings, our current circumstances, trials and triumphs, the culture we live in, and the daily grind. This view effects every aspect of our lives and shapes our expectations for the future. We believe when people see their lives from God’s perspective, His vantage point they are surprised and forever changed. We desperately want people to see their lives the way God does. He sees people as more than just numbers but as individuals of great value, their work has purpose, their struggles have meaning and their families have a future. We believe when people see as God sees nothing can stop them from doing as God says.” At Vantage Point Church we are helping people to see their lives from God’s perspective and inviting them into a deeper relationship with Him.


Relationships are key to life change. Relationships take time. We will not overchurch our people so they have no time or energy to engage their neighbors in real relationships

We don’t Compete, We Come along side

We will partner with our community to be a blessing to the city and in the process connect our people with their neighbors who have similar passions and yet don’t know Christ..

We is better then Me

Ministering as a team is more fun, more effective, and more biblical.

Our Beliefs

God wrote the book!
Father, Son, Holy Spirit
God is great, God is good!
God became man
We are God’s image bearers
God’s only way!
Everybody lives forever somewhere
God’s design for community
Assemblies of God core beliefs

Loving God. Loving People.

Our Team

Meet the amazing team at VantagePoint Church.


Kyle & Kari Chamerlain

Lead Pastors


Elijah & Karenda Caron

Youth Pastors


Sam & Karlee Fleury

Associate Youth Directors

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